I’ve always loved a good story. My father took me at the age of five to get my very first library card. Chin just below the counter, I watched as the librarian wrote my name on a card and placed it, in alphabetical order, in a wooden box. I was now counted among the readers and keepers of stories. And I was off.

Reading flowed into writing, which flowed into acting those stories out.  It gave me a vehicle to express what I loved and despaired of most in the world. It provided me with a bridge to connect with and touch those same places in others.

From the moment I first cracked open the cover of a book, I have understood that my life’s work would be to tell stories – to give voice to characters that were meant to be heard.  It has been my passion and my mode of service to bring to life, through theatre, stories that allow us to deepen our understanding of our collective humanity—together.

Next Up:

I shall be directing Molly Smith Metzler’s Cry It Out in September 2019 for Company of Fools in Hailey, Idaho.

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